Friday 14 December 2012

In Your Dreams...

I thought it would be only right to let Sir Bob Russell know that an obscure blog in the far corner of the blogosphere mentioned his involvement in a debate. It seems the guy does not favour making it easy to contact him. You have to register on his yellow website and then there's boxes to tick. One set refers to "How you are willing to help" ("There are many ways you can help our campaigning. If you have time to spare, please tell us how you would be willing to get involved"). Frankly, after seeing what the guy made of a relatively simple-to-follow issue, I'd not like to see him (or anyone else equally incapable of checking a few facts and seeing an issue in context) anywhere within 500 metres of Westminster.  I am a firm believer that there should be political consequences for anyone supporting the type of artefact hunting and collecting and the trade which Sir Bob Russell was praising before lawmakers on 12th December.

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