Monday 31 December 2012

The "Cultural Policy Research Institute" in 2012

"This has been a busy year for CPRI's educational projects" trumpets their website. In 2012, CPRI members presented something at three major public programs  (January 21, January 24, March 18). Apart from that, the CPRI has done very little, though its President was heard promoting the role of corruption in getting cultural property out of the source countries and into the hands of US collectors. I notice that post was quite popular at the Department of State a couple of weeks ago.

 However the point of research institutes, as the name suggests, is to carry out actual research, in the mission statement of the CPRI is the indication:  
CPRI researches legal, administrative, political and ethical issues concerning acquisition, display, conservation and publication of cultural artifacts by museums and private individuals in the United States.
Where is the ongoing research reported? Way down on the page "CPRI Seminars and Projects" is a list of four research projects the Institute began in 2009 (it says) and reports on all four were to be made available at the end of that year. Where are they at the end of this "busy year"? 

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