Tuesday 11 December 2012

Stooping to their Level, but Hopefully One Small Step Beyond

I've been meaning for over a year now to get some videos up to spread the word about antiquities collecting issues, but never got around to it. As I reported earlier, a metal detectorist's video attempt to lower the number of viewers coming here by attracting them away with the promise of porn instead. It was a stupid idea, and despite his mates clicking on the link like madmen, this blog's visibility seems not to be diminishing. I thought though to turn the same tool against my opponents, and make my own tongue-in-cheek video on a similar theme, but with a sharp message at the end for those who open it thinking they are going to get something else. Well, let us see what - if anything - that does getting the word out.

A colleague thought the joke was 'a bit metal-detectorish' (and he is of course right) but thought the message at the end was good.
Worth more than loads and loads of blog posts when a link to it is posted on conservation, archaeology and farming websites. There's scope to do lots of others. The medium imposes a discipline to keep the message short and simple and accessible.
Just to please him, I've mounted that up as a shorter video with more appropriate meta-tags.

Sadly my next production, "Barbie and Ken go metal detecting" will have to be delayed, it involved outdoor shooting and the weather's taken a turn for the worse. Also some little Polish girl whose mum won the auction will instead be getting the intended star, a dirtied old barbie doll in camoflage trousers I was bidding for. There are not too many used Barbies in fatigues on the market it seems. But I have another idea...

Vignette: I doubt I'll be winning any oscars, but anything's worth a go once. 

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