Friday 7 December 2012

UK Metal Detecting and Green Waste Again

On Wednesday 12 December 2012 Colchester Liberal MP Sir Bob Russell is billed to be briefing the British Parliament on 'Consequences of the contamination of green waste'. Metal detectorists are hoping he's going to be saying that tinfoil and other metals in contamination is preventing them for doing their artefact hoiking so easliy. They've been lobbying him for quite a while now and apparently he sees a few thousand votes in appearing to support the hoiking of artefacts out of the archaeological record. And how many archaeologists have contacted him to set him right about the value of supporting a group of folk who in any other country in the world would be called looters and much worse?

That'll be a sackload of letters then? No. I bet he got not a single one. Not from the CBA, not from the IfA, not from English Heritage, and certainly not from the Portable Antiqiuities Scheme. Wouldn't it be nice to be proven wrong on that?

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