Thursday 27 December 2012

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Got Me Blinkers on, and can't Hear Anyfink

On a tekkie artefact hunting forum near you, member "addedomaros" from Buckingham (Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:17 pm) notes:
It has been brought up on 'a certain person's' blog that the picture is very unusual. Would hawkers dig trenches with straight sides, trowel the surface, heap up the topsoil and remove larger stones? I think there's more to this than just ordinary detectorists hawking [he used the 'thinking' emoticon]
He means this post, and this one too. About an hour later "popsandme" replies:
i read it and thought the same.
but that's it, no other comments in that thread on the topic. That is despite the fact that what 'a certain person' said is entirely grist to their mill, and something they should be taking up with whoever will listen until they get an answer. But they will not, because "thinking" emoticons are no substitute for actual thought.

What's with this 'a certain person's' blog nonsense? If he read it here, then why does he simply not say so? Is it so extremely painful for one of the not-much-between-the-blinkers crowd to actually say "I do not agree with Paul Barford most of the time, but here, I think, he has a point"? Obviously, if the sole argument offered to offset the issues raised here by those unable to offer any others is to simply dismiss the polemecist as somebody whose opinion is not worth taking any note of, they are going to miss the occasions when it actually is worth their while.

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