Tuesday 11 December 2012

Palmyra Heritage Gallery Doing Fine

Morris Khouli was reading what I'd written in the internet here, so I thought I'd reciprocate and look at what he's writing. Despite the sentencing of its proprietor recently, Palmyra Heritage Gallery ("known for reasonable Prices and great Authentic Items") is still in business selling artefacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and assorted other regions. No Injun arrowheads though that I could see. The gallery advertises itself as:
Specializing in Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic coins Antiquities: Egyptian,  Greek, Roman Byzantine and Islamic Artifacts. 3rd genaration family business. Gallery Since 1995 in NYC. Life member of the ANA 5533. 
For the ANA see here. He also stocks  Ancient Etruscan, Canaanite items, a whole load of Luristan bronzes ("Near-Eastern Antiquities", I could be mistaken, but haven't we seen those somewhere before?), a Pre-Columbian ceramic mask ["A very strong mask whose value might be increased with more precise attribution" (sic)],  Peruvian and Mexican figurines, and a whole heap of Parthian Coins (no collecting history).  Some of the artefacts sold by Palmyra Heritage Gallery have vague collecting histories carefully avoiding dates, with no upfront indication of any supporting documentation. Many on the website don't even have that.

From the Sold Items section of the website we learn that a "pair of bronze eyes with inlays from an anthropoid sarcophagus" which I wrote about earlier has now been sold. They came - the seller now says, though this information was missing from the sales offer when I wrote about them - "Ex Dr. Gilles collection, Germany, acquired prior to 1970". Gabriel Vandervort (Ancient Resources) currently has other Gilles objects (here, here, here and here)

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