Wednesday 5 December 2012

"We've Got a US Ministry of Culture"

Total misunderstanding again in the Ozarks, senior coiney Sayles  ('Support from abroad') plainly does not understand a blogger's comments about the US going back on its word over Holocaust restitution measures and in particular not having a ministry of culture. Sayles - who quite clearly has problems supplying his readers with a link to the post he is "discussing" - denies that this is the case, he says there is a Ministry of Culture in "Foggy Bottom". In any case he regards the idea of a culture ministry (or department) as absurd, and suggests that perhaps that anyone suggesting the creation of such a body would be a good idea:
would also recommend a Parliament and perhaps a titular king or queen.  
What it is suggested is lacking in the US is a state body responsible for US culture as a whole, to create policies, liase between various groups, distribute funds, organize representation of US culture at home and abroad, encourage creativity, look after the interests of creators (copyright and intellectual property rights often included here in other countries). This would allow more joined-up handling of a whole range of cultural issues which are currently fragmented through several Federal and other bodies (including the Department of State). I fail to see why one would need either a "parliament" or a "king" to have such a body.


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