Thursday 13 December 2012

Museums Journal gets Excited about Portyanqs

A recent Museums Journal article (Geraldine Kendall, Museums Journal 12.12.2012) excitedly witters: 'Treasure finds up 12% last year'. Let us turn around what it says more realistically: 
[...]  peak viewing figures of 4.5 million tuning in to the ITV1 series Britain’s Secret Treasures this year. [...] Annual reports for the Treasure Act  [...] have shown rises of 12% [...]

Yeah. I bet. I bet next year will see even more new people joining the governmenty-supported hobby, digging ever more further afield, digging ever more deep, taking more and more isolated bits from the middle of the archaeological record on uncountable sites, bringing up more and more things to tax the public purse in an effort to keep the nation's heritage in appropriate public collections.  The museums people do not see that as any kind of problem.

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