Monday 28 April 2014

ACCG Charisma fading?

Over on the US Gubn'mint website, in the ("oppose the Egypt MOU") docket Docket ID: DOS-2014-0008, there are still (Monday evening, ten Polish time) only 17 texts (by comparison, in the Bulgarian MOU there were 112 by the eighth day). Of these 17, one is the notice, three are from good-hearted people who want to see Egyptian cultural property protected by CCPIA from being smuggled to the US, while the remaining thirteen folk (unlucky for some, as they might end up on a watch list)  think the MOU is all about "coins", and most of them make a right dog's dinner of presenting any kind of a case.  This has been despite the traditional 'rile-them-up' efforts by the ACCG and its supporters. 
I'd like to think that this means that Wayne Sayles and his rabid sidekicks have been losing the influence they had when they started their fight on 15th July 2004 against doing the decent thing and cleaning up the no-questions-asked market. Ten years is perhaps enough for even the average coin collector to realise he'd been having the wool pulled over his eyes by the dealers and that enough is enough and the ACCG brand of naked confrontation with the world is not an acceptable way forward for responsible collectors. 

 UPDATE 29th April
DoS were working through the night, there are now (Tuesday morning) another three coiney comments, one by "Anonymous Anonymous" and one by an archaeologist in favour of an MOU, making 21 documents in total. One of the recent commentators seems not to know the actual name of the country he is writing about. 

Vignette: In the old days, the piper played and all 'Wayne's Children' obediently followed wherever  he led them.... down..., down..., down... yo the depths of absurdity. Have they now wised up? 

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