Monday 21 April 2014

Two Coin Dealers Quizzed in Qatar

Qatar Criminal Investigation Department arrests two persons attempting to sell ancient coins brought from abroad
The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) managed to arrest two persons trying to sell ancient coins for up to USD 7000 per piece . An interior ministry press release said today that the Department acting upon a tip off that two persons one of Arab nationality and the other of European nationality European tried to sell artifacts started research and investigation operations to make sure the information is correct . The statement said two persons were subsequently arrested adding that one of them was possessing 15 gold coins and after investigation he admitted of bringing the coins from abroad after reaching an agreement to sell them for USD 7000 dollars per piece and to get a percentage of the profit . The statement said the two persons were referred to the competent investigating authorities to complete the legal procedures.
Qatar News Agency, 'Qatar- CID Seizes Two Persons Tried to Sell Ancient Coins'   20/04/2014

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