Tuesday 29 April 2014

Collectors, laboring under misapprehensions: "Eyegypt? That's near Russia ain't it?"

One of the later "comments" opposing the US-Egypt MOU is by some coin collector called Joseph Coplin who begins not very auspiciously "We (sic) strongly request (sic) that the US CPIA REJECT the United Arab (sic) Republic of Egypt's new (sic) request which seeks to establish import restrictions on all archaeological and ethnographic materials. The Egyptian request does not meet the requirements established by the CPIA in 1983 and should absolutely be denied immediately". The author of this attack on Egypt's right to decide itself what it should do with its heritage on its own territory, free of nosy US 'controls' states that one "reason" why the request to a fellow Convention State Party should be 'rejected' out of hand is that:
"There is no indication of an international response to the Egyptian claim that their heritage is in peril [...] I have not heard of any other nation implementing any type of restrictions on the import of ancient or ethnographic Egyptian art.
That's probably because he apparently thinks there is only one contry in the world where news comes from, and only reads material coming for example from blogs like Peter Tompa's which do not keep its readers up to date with the news on this, and he's too lazy to look elsewhere. Like for example a news item from the last couple of days: Three Ancient Egypt artefacts to return from Germany
the objects' story began in 2009 when the customs unit at Germany's Stuttgart airport discovered and confiscated three Ancient Egyptian items being smuggled to Brussels. 
.... .and many more stories with which people like Mr Coplin in the newsless backwoods of US collectordom might find advantageous to acquaint themselves before making public comments which just make them look like gauche uninformed fools. They might at least get the name of the country concerned right. Mr Tompa's "Egypt 101 for Dummies" did not go that far. Duh

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