Saturday 26 April 2014

El Hibbeh Facebook Fail

I noticed by chance that the Facebook page put up by US Egyptologists hoping to draw attention to ongoing looting of 'their' archaeological site of El Hibbeh has been taken down. Perhaps the autocratic manner (here too) in which they deal with discussion drove people away. The problem is however that it seems not all members of the team behind this effort really were terribly interested in the truth, but only  their own version of the facts ('El-Hibeh and the Truth' Thursday, 24 January 2013).  Despite the fact that this post was debunked, with the precise location and nature of the evidence which falsifies it over a year ago, Andy Dailey has the nerve to totally ignore that and persist in spreading a lie (this page is still up). It is this kind of thing that does the preservationist cause no good at all. Mr Dailey, STOP this please, you are helping nobody. 

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