Sunday 13 April 2014

Nazi War Digger Detectorists: "Stitched up by National Geographic"?

As Heritage Action note:
You’d expect a TV series showing detectorists  incompetently digging up dead bodies” (as one termed it) would be universally condemned. Yet many detectorists still haven’t done so and the overall hobby “verdict” seems to be settling down to a comforting “they were stitched up by National Geographic”. But the question is: “would bus drivers or bank clerks have been?”  It seems unlikely.
Who, actually, would sign a contract with anyone to do such a thing without ensuring the details of the document would not allow the event to develop into the reputation-damaging fiasco we saw? Only somebody totally incapable of appreciating that this sort of escapade involves issues that need to be fully addressed in such a contract. If detectorists themselves cannot cope with the task of understanding such contracts and their implications, maybe the NCMD should offer its members the facility of supplying members with professional legal advice as part of their membership when faced with such contracts.

Vignette: "It's a stitchup"

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