Wednesday 16 April 2014

These People Have no Shame, Really

Heritage activist Monica Hanna has been labelled a "grifter" by John Hooker of the ACCG. These  Philistines are totally incapable of any kind of appreciation for what Ms Hanna has done for the heritage and it is shameful to watch how they
attack her.

UPDATE 17.04.14
I see John Hooker now denies he is associated with the ACCG.  Wise move, they are a nasty group of dangerous loonies causing huge damage to collecting. That however does not make Hooker (of ACCG's Hooker Papers infamy) any the less a philistine for attacking Monica Hanna in this manner along with the rest of his petty blinkered-minded coiney mates. David Knell's riposte to Hooker's denial hits the spot exactly.


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