Thursday 10 April 2014

Slime from Coin Dealers' paid Lobbyist

This has to take the prize for April's "Lowest Point in the Heritage Debate", the paid lobbyist of the PNG and IAPN gets deep below the belt:
While the archaeological community seeks to make archaeologist Monica Hanna the Face of Egypt when it comes to [protecting Egypt's heritage from  looting] we must not forget Ms. Hanna is in effect doing the bidding of a military government that has presented quite another face to the world
I suggest that this comment was extraordinarily unfair and ungallant, even for a blinkered, petty-minded associate of the dugup coin dealers. I suspect Mr Tompa knows nothing of Ms Hanna's political views and whose 'bidding" she does and does not do and has not bothered to find out what it is that she is being awarded by US heritage organization SAFE for. Shame on you, Peter Tompa. Shame on the PNG and IAPN for promoting such slime.

Vignette: This nasty slime mould has been found growing in coin cabinets contaminated by contact with the ACCG.  It is believed to attack and weaken the central nervous system.

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