Tuesday 17 June 2014

Ai Weiwei's work is coming to Poland

Ai Weiwei's work is coming to Poland and once again he choses a theme based on antiquities and archaeology. The artist’s new piece for the Brodno Sculpture Park, To Be Found
which is due to be unveiled in Poland’s capital on 13 July, consists of three ditches filled with broken crockery and covered over with earth.

To Be Found forms a triangle, with each ditch 100 metres apart. The crockery in each pit comes from replicas of a vase found in a 14th-century temple that Ai made while working on “Ghost Gu Coming Down the Mountain”, his 2005 series with the artist Serge Spitzer. The original vase was sold at Christie’s for $27.7m in 2005—an auction record for an Asian work of art at the time. “In reaching out to the history of this precious object, Ai was interested in the fetishisation of certain artefacts and their complex history encapsulated in the colonial logistics of robbery and appropriation,” says Sebastian Cichocki, the park’s curator. [...] “The sculpture is supposed ‘to be found’ by future generations or aliens, or whoever will come after us. We will all be gone by then,” he says.

Julia Michalska, 'Ai Weiwei digs deep in Warsaw '  the art newspaper 17 June 2014

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