Friday 27 June 2014

Cultural property Observer: AIA "Stalinists"

Airhead vision
According to a comment the conspiracy-theory-loving paid lobbyist for the International Association of Professional numismatists and the Professional Numismatists Guild has just posted on his blog, the Archaeological Association of America are "Stalinists" who want to put coin collectors in FEMA-run  "Gulags". Whatever the AIA think of the trade in illicit antiquities, I am quite sure that there is absolutely no evidence to back up this wild accusation published on "Cultural Property Observer". It seems collectors are seeking absolutely any pathetic opportunity to play the victim.

In addition, whatever relevance that fact has to the collection of ancient artefacts (which I admit escapes me), the "cultural property internationalist" apparently thinks the transliteration of the Russian phrase до свидания is "Das vydanya". Somebody throw those unlettered airheads a dictionary.

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