Friday 13 June 2014

Cambodia Anatomy of a Statue Trafficking Network'

The Simon Mackenzie and Tess Davis article referred to in the National Geographic piece is 'Temple Looting in Cambodia Anatomy of a Statue Trafficking Network' Br J Criminol  Br J Criminol first published online June 13, 2014 doi:10.1093/bjc/azu038 . Here is the abstract:
[...] we present the first empirical study of a statue trafficking network, using oral history interviews conducted during ethnographic criminology fieldwork in Cambodia and Thailand. The data begin to answer many of the pressing but unresolved questions in academic studies of this particular criminal market, such as whether organized crime is involved in antiquities looting and trafficking (yes), whether the traffic in looted artefacts overlaps with the insertion of fakes into the market (yes) and how many stages there are between looting at source and the placing of objects for public sale in internationally respected venues (surprisingly few).
Key words: trafficking, smuggling, cultural heritage, cultural property, cultural objects, antiquities, organized crime, transnational crime.

So, it would seem, no mention in the original academic article of terrorism. Is that so?

UPDATE 14th June 2014
Now we can see there was not, the article is now open access. Thanks.

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