Saturday 7 June 2014

Trial of German 'Secret Knowledge' Pyramid-Trashers Begins in Egypt

Several men accused of damaging the Great Pyramid are currently standing trial in Cairo.
In April 2013, a German research team led by the Chemnitz-based experimental archaeologist Dominique Görlitz entered a small room under the tip of the pyramid - the King's Chamber belonging to Pharaoh Khufu. The team took samples from the murals and cartouche, and brought them back to Germany for laboratory analysis. And all this without the proper permit. They were granted a partial permit, as Ali Ahmad Ali from the Ministry of State for Antiquities in Cairo stressed, but "the permit does not cover a visit to the upper chamber. And the permit says: only visit, do not take any parts." On Saturday (7.06.2014), the trial of the research team - made up of three Germans and their six Egyptian assistants - got underway in Cairo. They are accused of vandalism offenses in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and at worst, could face between three and five years in prison.
Dominique Görlitz claims that he was told by his companion, the "Geheimpolitik und verbotenes Wissen" conspiracy theorist Stefan Erdmann that everything was in order with the permits, and Görlitz had no reason to doubt him. I'd say there was every reason to doubt the judgement of anyone - like Erdmann - who believes the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' were an authentic document. 
Erdmann had worked for many decades in Egypt, and had explored the Great Pyramid of Giza several times. Görlitz marvels today at the informal form of authorization required to enter the pyramid. "Why do we get issued a permit that has nothing on it? No name, nor where we are allowed to go, what we're not allowed to do, which rooms we're allowed to enter," he says, adding that many researchers before him had worked in this way, because it was common practice.
Monica Hanna is quoted as saying that many foreigners appear still to have a very colonial outlook: "Westerners continue to come to Egypt and behave as if they were Indiana Jones and can do what they want".

 'Egypt ups efforts to protect cultural heritage', DW 7th June 2014

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