Saturday 28 June 2014

Lost in Coineyland: New Brooms Needed

New broom at
the ACCG
Coiney "Mr X" requires guidance. He's not getting it from the ACCG, not getting it from the PNG, not getting it from the IAPN, not getting it from the PAS, and not getting it from the CPRI. Not that he's asked any of them mind you, let alone going to the bother of looking it up for himself. That would be too much effort for any ancient collector to take any kind of initiative to independently research a subject, so he asks me to hand him the answer on a plate:
I'd be interested if you could give us a reference to these "UK export licenses".  Just what are they required for?
What is the point of these folk offering to"discuss"  anything at all with anybody when they lack even the basic information? I have long ago suggested that instead of their stupid illegal coin import stunts, if the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild really wanted to help collectors, not themselves, they could more usefully produce a vademecum to the legislation regulating different aspects of the hobby. That was years ago, and they still have not done that. But maybe now they have Director Sayles' wife on board, we might see some changes from the gung-ho, brainless macho-man approach that has dominated the coiney discourse for so long.


Unknown said...

Now that I can agree with.
In fact the coin dealers organisations should do the same as well (perhaps some even do it already - I don't really know).

Mr X.

Paul Barford said...

The CPRI started doing something like that, but it was rather geared more to attacking the laws, rather than trying to help collectors and others understand them.

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