Saturday 21 June 2014

Egypt: Antiquities Police Arrest Two Men in Possession of Antiquities and Mummy

During a covert operation on Friday, policemen from Upper Egypt’s governorate of Minya arrested two locals in possession of illicit antiquities. They were arrested in possession of a numbert of antiquities including a well-preserved mummy inside a wooden coffin with hieroglyphic inscriptions:
Head of the Department for Tourism and Antiquities in Minya Kamal al-Kalawy received a tip that two suspects were reportedly seen with antiquities most likely stolen from Malawy museum that was looted mid-August in 2013. Investigations indicated that the suspects, a 32-year-old agricultural engineer and a laborer, hid the antiquities in the latter’s house in Minya’s northern town of Beni Mazar. [...] Several pharaonic statues, amulets, silver dagger, kohl stick dating back to the Islamic era, along with a pedestal, and seven coins dating back to the Greco-Roman period, were among the seized artifacts, he added. “Investigations are being carried to identify the source of the looted mummy and the other artifacts,” Kalawy said and that initial investigations revealed the two suspects were planning to sell the looted artifacts to an antiquity trader to be smuggled outside Egypt.
'Tourism policemen arrest two suspects in possession of royal mummy' Cairo Post Jun. 20, 2014.


Cairo Post, '85 artifacts found in Fayoum home', Jun. 26, 2014.

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