Wednesday 25 June 2014

US Boots on Ground Artefact Rescue Still on Cards at Dura?

Back in January 2014, Arthur Houghton informed an incredulous world (January 25, 2014 at 1:46 PM) that he was involved in discussions on a daring action involving NATO forces to rescue ("US Iraqi Jewish Archive" style) some of the most important artefacts in the Near East from the effects of the Syrian civil war, because "they are at risk of being looted and destroyed or sold onward to rapacious markets in the Gulf or China".  He apparently thinks some of them belong in America. Of particular concern were some "incredibly important" Jewish artefacts from Dura Europos:
It would take a very fast operation with limited forces and the technical ability to remove them from the walls, package them properly and then take them out, but I understand this capability exists.
He claims he has found interest in this scheme of his from certain highly -connected friends in Washington (PACHI 'Head Shot to a Curator?').  Now Dura seems to have fallen to ISIL, can we assume that Mr Houghton's appetite for sending somebody's sons and brothers into action to save these antiquities has increased or decreased? 

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