Sunday 29 June 2014

Montpelier Archaeology Certificate Program

Typowy poszukiwacz skarbów
The Metal-Detector Expedition is the latest archaeological program offered by Montpelier. Designed for metal-detector specialists and hobbyists, the program serves to introduce the significance of archaeological methods such as gridded surveys, density plots to define site concentrations, and a deeper understanding of the past. The Montpelier Foundation's Archaeology Department is developing leading-edge methodology for involving the metal detector community in the use of metal detectors as a remote-sensing device to locate and protect sites. One of the main emphasizes during the week-long training program is the importance of site context for individual finds.
More here. Note from the video the difference in information obtained from gridded detecting and non-systematic metal detecting survey. then consider what information would be gained by simple artefact hoiking with discrimination of signals and minimal recording.

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