Thursday 19 June 2014

Special report on Sekhemka Sale

'SPECIAL REPORT: Should Northampton’s Sekhemka statue be sold off?' Northampton Chronicle  19/06/14
 Selling Sekhemka would put Northampton on the cultural map... but for all the wrong reasons, says the group hoping to keep the ancient statue in the town [...] Susan Edwards, of the group, said: “The sale is criticised by every single cultural body. “All around the world now, Northampton has got the most awful name.”
Meanwhile Lord Northampton, Spencer Compton, whose ancestor of the same name acquired the Sekhemka in 1850, is quite happy about the whole thing, he apparently would stand to make 55 per cent of the sale at Christies on July 10:
Only a ‘well meaning but relatively small’ group oppose the sale of Sekhemka, according to solicitors acting on behalf of Lord Northampton.
Meanwhile "Scarlet Pimpernell" (1:00 PM on 19/06/2014) adds:
I realise the Borough and County Councillors believe they are above the peasants and scum (the ratepayers) and, with their noses in the trough, are not answerable to anyone. Please let the Electorate correct their tiny little megalomaniacal minds at the next election. As for the Egyptian statue, one wonders who wants to sell it; The Marquis (who doesn't own it and would get 55%} or the councilors (who also don't own it and would get 45%) or the ratepayers (who DO own it). Does anyone smell the hint of corruption in the whole mess?
There is a last-ditch attempt to persuade Northampton's philistinic council to reconsider, they are however determined to go ahead, but we can register our displeasure here: STOP THE SALE OF SEKHEMKA BY NORTHAMPTON COUNCIL (Petition to Councillor David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council).

Vignette: Northampton, due to be hit soon by a plague of misery-bringing mummy zombies taking revenge for the slight.

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