Wednesday 15 April 2015

A Coin Dealer's Word....

Wayne Sayles wrote just a while ago ('Truth is still important' Ancient coin collecting Monday, February 09, 2015):
This is the last post that I will make with any mention of cultural property issues.  I am removing all previous posts and starting a new day.  The only posts on this blog henceforth will be about ancient coins themselves.  My advocacy for private ownership and collecting of ancient coins has not abated, but my willingness to argue the case in this climate has.  Everyone knows how I feel and that will not change—this blog will. 
Well, that was the second time he said that, but the break in the "cultural property issues' posts was not long then either. This time it lasted eight weeks:
'ACCG Comments at Italy CPAC Hearing', Ancient coin collecting Wednesday, April 15, 2015 Below is a transcript of the oral comments presented by Wayne G. Sayles, representing the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild, at the 2015 hearing of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee on April 8 at Washington, DC. [...] 
The veteran dealer suggests in it that "exempting common coins from any renewal of this MOU" would be following the law and not exempting them presumably a breach. The logic of that is hard to follow. The CCPIA makes no mention at all of rarity as a factor in checking export procedure has been followed in the case of artefacts subject to it. He does not address any of the four points on the basis of which, according to that very same law he proposes sticking to the letter of, the CPAC is to make its judgement. A self-absorbed time-waster.

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