Monday 13 April 2015

Hudson Institute's Marlowe: "Fine the Cowardly Brown-Skinned Folk"!

Ann Marlowe
(Daily Beast)
"Ann Marlowe, a visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute, visited Afghanistan 18 times and spent 4 months in Libya in 2011" and basically - it would seem - learnt very little there about humility: "Should Iraqi Treasures Stay In the West?" Apr 11, 2015: 
Are the treasures of the East best kept in the West?... [...] perhaps the UNESCO conventions could be amended so as to fine states for failing to prevent destruction. I’d suggest fines in the billions, to make the seriousness of the issue clear (and encourage local protectors and whistleblowers). Iraqi soldiers are free to run away from ISIS—but the Iraqi government will then be liable to UNESCO for the damage ISIS caused to world patrimony.
The American commentator has turned the meaning of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on its head. She apparently wants to see Iraqi soldiers kept at their posts at gunpoint to face ISIL so poor Ms Marlowe does not have to watch the latter destroy mudbrick and stone. This is appallingly bad timing just as the Camp Speicher exhumations get underway.  Shall we fine the US too that they cannot keep sacred Hopi masks in the country and Four Corners collectors from digging up ancient graves? Or is that not the right kind of world heritage that would attract the intention of her world-order imperialist retributionists ? Pot-Kettle-black. The very idea! The uber-goppish representative of IAPN and PNG xenophobes liked it.

UPDATE 14th April 2015
Californian Dealer Dave agrees with Marlowe, Iraqi soldiers should be compelled to be slaughtered by ISIL to offset the "unacceptable price Americans are paying for UNESCO's irrational and unworkable heritage policies".

Any "price" (no smuggled artefacts allowed) Americans "pay" for them not being slaughtered are the results of the 1984 US CCPIA law, not anything imposed on the American people by UNESCO. If you don't like it dealers, change the law. Get out of the Convention if all you can do is attempt to use it as a means to impose the will of the USA on the rest of the world. You've not been pulling your weight for all this time, so just give up the pretence.

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Paul Barford said...

think she's talking about destroying monuments as much as commercial looting

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