Saturday 11 April 2015

Barrel Bombs and Bulldozers in Nimrud

ISIL have produced a video which is supposed I guess to be shocking. A load of guys, some of them the same ones we have seen in other videos (do they have a destruction squad?) demonstratively smashing things and blowing things up with explosive filled barrels. The first three minutes are a commentary by a man in a strange panelled taqiyah. Then the smashing begins. At least some of it is in the so-called NW Palace. Much of it is for show, breaking through a blank wall to show a warrior striding through (towards a camera already there - note the wall slab already dismounted). There are several scenes of laborious hacking while a bulldozer stands by and barrels full of explosive will do the job in seconds.

Newspapers were declaring the "bulldozing" of Nimrud over a month ago (March 5th and 6th), and it is unclear when this video was taken. The guy with the denim waistcoat was the main commentator (and one of the protagonists) in the destruction in Mosul museum. Now the same stories are being repeated ('ISIS Completely Blows up Ancient City of Nimrud' Arutz Sheva‎ - 11th April 2015 - actually blowing up the "whole city" is not what is shown here.

Nimrud from the air a few years ago

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