Monday 13 April 2015

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Wot Makes Tekkies LOL Like Jackasses

Another Ambassador for the Hobby has decided to show the world what UK metal detectorists stand for. Anonymously, of course - how could in be otherwise among that crowd? The spoof news website has a "Nigel Swift" impersonator and claims I work for Heritage England and somehow have a "massive collection of gold coins". These however are the least of the libellous comments - with fellow detectorists getting the brunt of what I assume the author assumes is wit. This is tekkie thug wit for all to see. The xenophobic BNP mickey-take on Muslims is illustrative of the cliquey mindset of these people. Note there are a number of detectorists in the comments who cannot see the intent of the posts is spoof, they think it is real. I'd say that on those grounds at least, several people blatantly alleged in the last post to be involved in fraud have reason to sue. I hope they do.

Metal detecting is an activity carried out in the public eye. It affects the archaeological and historical record which is the heritage of us all. It does not belong exclusively to those with metal detectors, spades and pockets. As such, it will be the subject of public discussion, and quite rightly so, and not always by those who share the artefact hunting ethos.  That discussion will take place whether metal detectorists like it or not, and whether they continue to attack others taking part in it or not. I suggest though that their position would not be weakened by ceasing their self-alienation and joining in that discussion, instead of continually trying to shout it down.

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Anonymous said...

It's all just background noise IMO Paul. Nothing can ever be said that changes the bald fact that most detectorists don't behave as they should .... and in fact I don't recall a detectorist ever putting up a case to suggest otherwise. If a butterfly had flapped its wing differently a lot of us might have been metal detectorists but I trust we'd have had the decency to write that most of our colleagues shouldn't be allowed on the fields. It's the silence of the thoughtful arm of the hobby that is the greatest ally of the rest. Well, equally with PAS's silence of course.

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