Tuesday 21 April 2015

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: My Little Pony

UK Metal detectorist James Balme was caught out trying to present an object he bought as one of his "finds", a "discovery" he'd made. The trouble is what this charity-shop Indiana Jones thought was a "Celtic votive horse" is in fact a chemically-'patinated' modern tourist souvenir as sold at gift shops right across Greece. Instead of being grateful that his error has been pointed out, giving him the chance to save face, the Treasure hunter ploughs right in, claiming he's got (unnamed) "experts" who will testify that this is an "archaic" Bronze Age find and tries to impress with his ability to be rude and obnoxious (metal detectorists, hey).
Paul Barford @PortantIssues - 20 kwi
"Absolutely none of yr business Mr Barford. You are So boring"
What is boring is metal detectorists presenting BOUGHT stuff as their "finds"
It took the wannabe TV presenter a full 24 hours to think up his witty reply:
James Balme @JamesBalme  
yawn. Crawl back in your hole .... 21 kwi 2015, 17:13
and he's back to the charity shops tomorrow, no doubt. Next week, unicorns?


P2Pinvested said...

So I take it you have definitive proof to go with these bold claims you make Paul?

P2Pinvested said...

Not posting that comment then Paul? Lol, would never have guessed that would be the case

Paul Barford said...

Your earlier comment simply asked what grounds I had for the statement I made in the above post. If you'd BOTHERED to follow the link contained within the post to the earlier one on the topic (Sunday, 19 April 2015 and two updates), you would have seen. You are just wasting everybody's time with your intellectual laziness.

What do you think, Mr Baines, about metal detectorists that buy stuff and then pretend it's one of their own "discoveries"? Is that accepted practice in metal detectordom now? That seems to me just a contamination of the historical record and undermining the good work done by responsible finders who truthfully report their finds. Is that not how you see it?

I hope your hand has cleared up now.

Paul Barford said...

No reply....

Tvpresenter4history said...

Wanabee TV Presenter Paul ??? with over 50 hours of presenting on TV under my belt including an episode of Time Team as well ... Numerous archaeological and history documentaries filmed and produced already, nothing wanabee about my TV work, oh and as for 'took 24 hours to think up a reply ?? not at all, far more important things to do than worry about answering your posts... no doubt you will edit out the key points of this reply as usual. Horse now catalogued for auction shortly ...

Paul Barford said...

Far more important I know is flogging off your "discoveries" after getting an "expert" to say it's authentic.

Is the export licence and documentation of provenance included in the auction along with the CoA?

So how many hours of flogging off finds have you under your belt? Does that make you a "Tvdealer4 history" too? A rather dubious mixture I am sure many would say. Rick Savage and the American Diggers come to mind.

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