Friday 17 April 2015

PAS REALLY Doing a Bad Job Bringing Archaeology to the Public?

How can the UK public
meaningfully engage in
heritage protection when
they are kept under-
Metal detectorist "Janner 53" ( April 17, 2015 at 12:08 am ) admits here too: (in full sky-is-falling' mode:
Myself and I expect thousands of other detectorists never knew this so called ‘Valletta Convention’ existed
The 1992 'European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (Revised)' - being a revision of the 1969 London 'European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage'. Britain's refusal in the 1990s to adopt legislation enacting Art. 3 was the reason for the setting up of the PAS and UK detectorists have "never heard of it". That does not say much for their "interest in history", or anything else. Like a load of kids, they need everything on a plate.

While on the topic, which of Articles 1-2 and 4-12 do these people with their "passionate interest in the past" disagree with in addition to that threatening-looking Article 3? What is the problem with Article 3 if what metal detectorists are doing is being presented by them as a form of "protection of the archaeological heritage"? Could it be that detectorists doubt their own myth? If the PAS was issuing the authorisations and dealing with processing the information that results, in what way do metal detectorists feel that it is problematic? It would be the detectorists' own "partner organization" deciding who is a person "qualified" or not, why would that create problems for responsible detectorists already working effectively with the Scheme for many years?

Maybe the PAS could do something about educating their 'partners' so they do not continue to compromise them by their public shows of ignorance about fundamental issues. 

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