Thursday 9 April 2015

Lobbyists Write Rubbish, Dodge the Comments

Over in Tumbleweed Town, The Committee for Cultural Policy promises: "in depth discussion of important cultural policy and arts issues affecting museums, collectors, the art trade and the public". Instead they produce the same sort of shallow self-serving stuff as the IAPN and PNG's lobbyist. Kate Fitz Gibbon writes: "Cyprus Will Sell Repatriated Artifacts at Auction" Apr 2, 2015 (note: 'comments off'). This claim is examined by Sam Hardy ('Will Cyprus sell repatriated antiquities at auction? No', April 8, 2015) and found to be utterly wanting.
Did the CCP convince itself of the nonsensical statement because the nonsense was convenient? Its post had a clear point: "The proposed sale of repatriated antiquities appears to contradict the “no export, no trade” position asserted by Cypriot authorities in requesting a continuing agreement with the US prohibiting import of similar items by US collectors or museums". Presumably, now that the Committee for Cultural Policy knows that there is no proposed sale of repatriated antiquities, and thus no contradiction in the position of the Republic of Cyprus, it will support the continuation of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America.
Note how the people who claim to be engaged in discussion of US policy do not have the courage of their convictions to allow comment on their webpages. Kate Fitz Gibbion published a statement which is in fact false, but before she did, she disabled comments. Peter Tompa, in the business of representing the views and interests of the IAPN and PNG, always producing slanted stuff which leaves a wide gap between what he writes and both logic and facts and blocks comments from those who try to join the dots - nowadays he only accepts comments from metal detectorists.

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