Thursday 2 April 2015

Sick Minds and the IAPN and PNG

David Gill did an April Fools piece on the quiet 'backs' of Cambridge being disfigured by a modern building project exempt from planning controls, PACHI did one on a fictional ethical coin dealers' association. Meanwhile the real dealers associations' representative wrote one about invading Syria and Iraq with AK 74s and missile-bearing assassination drones ("stolen Pentagon technology"
When asked for comment, Gill Barmore of Das Kapital Archaeological Institute and the Context Coalition was ecstatic.
It would not make anyone "ecstatic" if the IAPN and PNG stopped their support of the ACCG maniacs and "Cultural property Observer", most of us would simply accept it as them simply doing the right thing and what they should have done several years ago.  The IAPN and PNG are a long way from fulfilling the ideals of the EMV, their representive makes them appear to be its very antithesis.

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