Tuesday 21 April 2015

America: Difficult to Understand Words

Challenged by dictionary use, "Troyjjefferson" is relieved to find that he is not the only on having difficulty following the complications of the English language. In reply to Dealer Dave's verbal gyrations ("Illicit vs. Illegal", Ancient Coins Sunday, April 19, 2015) he adds
Thanks for discussing the difference between the illegal and illicit gathering of ancient coins. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two in some cases, especially those involving parties and countries that are warring with the United States. By knowing this information, it's possible to collect coins legally, even if the means are illicit.
But then how to call the market a licit one if the commodities it handles are themselves illicit, and why would anyone WANT to buy illicit goods even though that does not seem to disturb Mr Johnson? Whatis meant by Mr J following his comment with a link to a well-known Chicago coin dealer (commercial rival to Mr Welsh)? Are the two of them accusing the other dealer of selling those illict coins?

That ISIL may be considered as "warring with the US" does NOT make the coins smuggled from militant - (or rebel-) held territories of Iraq or Syria any the less illegal. Unless Mr Jefferson is arguing that ISIL territory be recognized as a state.

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