Wednesday 13 May 2015

ACCG's Shadowy Director Doris

After my post about whether Dealer Dave Welsh had been secretly re-appointed to the ACCG Board of Directors, the ACCG website has been updated and a beaming photo of Director Doris J. Sayles is now up there with the coin dealer board members. Here are her qualifications to sit on the board of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild:
Doris [like her husband] is a Life Member of the ACCG and active volunteer since the day of the guild's inception.  [Like her husband] She is a recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award created by President George W. Bush to recognize significant civic contributions.  [Like her husband] Doris is well known to the numismatic community and has been directly involved with collectors and the trade for the past 20 years.  She served as Office Manager of The Celator journal from 1995 through 1999 [when her husband ran it],  Accountant and Membership Coordinator for [her husband's] ACCG from 2004 to present and Customer Service manager and accountant for a numismatic publishing and trade corporation from 1995 to present [and that would be....?].  Doris is sole proprietor of a retail trade outlet, House of Angels, specializing in gifts and collectables [which shared an address with her husband's ACCG].  She has been a consistent supporter and leader of community non-profit activities, is a member of the 416th Bomb Group [which her husband founded]  Board of Directors and [although her husband is not, is herself] a member of Lion's Clubs International.  Doris and her husband Wayne live in the Missouri Ozarks.
Yes, but does she collect ancient coins?The Guild purports to be one of collectors, yet virtually the entire board of directors is currently composed of coin dealers, the ACCG is a dealers' interest group. the opportunity should have been taken to replace one of the with a bona fide collector, preferably one with a proven publication record in the field. Instead they "elected" a woman in the shadow of the executive director who, one may surmise, is not ever going to oppose any of his initiatives on the board.
This is the way the ACCG democratically "represents" US collectors of ancient coins.

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