Sunday, 24 May 2015

Antiquities Seized in Abu Sayyaf raid

US assassination squad in action?
Larry Rothfield has spotted an interesting piece of news reported in USA Today ('Killed ISIS leader had a trove of antiquities in his compound' Sunday, May 24, 2015). Last week, a top ISIL operative, Abu Sayyaf - who had a senior role in overseeing ISIL's illicit oil and gas operations - was reportedly killed by U.S. special operations troops in his compound in eastern Syria. In the raid, it is claimed that some objects were seized, among them reportedly:
was a trove of antiquities, including ancient coins and a bible. ISIL fighters apparently had plundered the priceless relics during their sweep through Iraq and Syria that began last summer. It appears ISIL planned to sell them on the black market to fund its operations rather than destroy them, the first official said.
First of all, I would like some confirmation of this story. Is it not a little convenient for the US-propagated "antiquities fund terrorism" narrative? What, actually, was found? What "Bible"? What kind of coins? Where were they found in a rushed raid in the middle of ISIL territory, lying laid out on a sideboard by the TV guide in the sitting room? Anyway, the US is believed to have the man's computer records and perhaps some more interesting facts will emerge about ISIL's dealings in various resources including, perhaps, antiquities. Or perhaps not.

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