Sunday, 17 May 2015

Heritage and Building Understanding

Irena Bokova at the UNSC:
"Heritage must be at the frontline of peace building, as a way to build back dignity and confidence. It is imperative to curb radicalization and counter the narrative of hatred and division.  The fight against illicit trafficking of cultural objects must be strengthened throughout the world,"
Collectors sing the same song, but in their case, they try to give the impression that it does not much matter if the things they collect to "increase understanding" are nicked or not. Stealing someone's heritage and then spouting sanctimonious arguments about why that is a good thing is nothing more than a naked show of domination, elitism and repression. Bokova is right, black-hearted collectors are wrong, we need to oppose the arguments that uphold the market in illicit antiquities. We must STOP this now.

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