Friday 15 May 2015

New Faces of SAFE

SAFE begun by Cindy Ho and her colleagues has been going longer than this blog, indeed attacks by the coin dealers' representatives on my work with SAFE was the beginning of this blog. Although the dealers and their hired thugwits would like to see the organization founder, SAFE is going from strength to strength, showing that there are some in North America who genuinely care about protection of the archaeological record from the effects of Collection-Driven Exploitation of sites. Thank you Cindy, thank you SAFE for being there.

It is a  pleasure to note that the group has acquired some new personnel, Dr Douglas Boin has been appointed the new head of the Board of Directors. Dr Boin has been active in the field for some time now, appearing before the CPAC, being one of the strongest critics of St Louis AIA over its recent sales of artefacts entrusted to it, papyrus dealings  and author of a number of pieces in the media ('Papyrus, Provenance and Looting'). Congratulations to him, I am sure he'll give the dealers a run for their money.

Rachel Dewan has joined the organization as Executive Director and her primary task is to run their STAFF campaign.  This brings SAFE staff up to 13, many of whom are young energetic people with a vision of the future for the past. The board is here. It seems that exciting times are ahead, building on the great deal that has already been achieved in the field of raising awareness. Please give them all your support.

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Thank you Paul, for your kind words and years of support. Most of all, your all-questions-must-be-asked attitude towards the no-questions-asked antiquities trade stands alone in this fight to preserve our shared heritage.


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