Saturday, 2 May 2015

Louvre president says attacks on cultural heritage marks "turning point" for universal museums

Like the dealers of the ADCAEA, the so-called universal museums see  in the snuff-movie destruction of the Iraqi heritage at the hands of ISIL propagandists an opportunity to legitimate their take-take-taking (Vincent Noce, 'Louvre president shows solidarity with Iraq and Tunisia' The Art Newspaper 1st May 2015).
Jean-Luc Martinez, the president of the Louvre, [...] describes this as a “turning point” for the Louvre and other encyclopaedic museums. “It is a chance that the universal museums must seize; to put themselves at the service of others in the most dramatic circumstances, and share the benefits of the work done by the diplomats of the 19th century who revealed these ancient cultures to the world.” [...] Thanks to excavations led by France in Iraq, Syria and Iran, the Louvre has the Western world’s most comprehensive collection on Mesopotamia, spanning four millennia, from Sumer to the great Assyrian empires. 
 Apparently it occurs to nobody at the Art Newspaper that it is precisely the way which the west, exemplified here by the Louvre, values this dugup stuff and carved hunks of stone which is the reason why Islamist groups are attacking it. Western concerns are being manipulated and we are dutifully playing the tune ISIL wants us to.

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