Thursday, 13 July 2017

An American 'Global Heritage Alliance'

In the Libya CPAC comments is one from the 'Global Heritage Alliance and the Committee for Cultural Policy' written by Gary Vikan, 'CCP's President and a GHA board member'. It is the usual claptrap from those who want to see the CCPIA fail to implement the measures of the 1970 UNESCO Convention in even a milnimalist fashion on yet another part of the US antiquities trade. But the question is what is this 'Global Heritage Alliance'? It seems to have no website detailing what it is, who supports it and what it does (except write pro-trade claptrap), Who are these people and what does an organization with such a hackneyed name represent? Is it really global in its membership, or is it another case of US neo-imperialistic attempts to impose an alt-right version of 'American values' on the rest of the world? 

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