Friday, 28 July 2017

Global challenges facing the antiquities market

Ivan Macquisten, 'Global challenges facing the antiquities market' RICS Property Journal July/August 2017 edition

Fake News, false information, campaigners who do not appreciate the difference between 'those who trade lawfully' and those that do not (take a look at the subtlety there), rich and powerful anti-trade interests, these are just some of the alleged problems facing this branch of commerce. Not a mention of poor business methods which 'lose' the all-important documentation of where objects have been.

I would say the challenge facing these people is to cut through all this self-serving crap and reach a consensus on how to clean up the market so that it is not only 'within the letter of the law' ('they can''t touch you for it') but actually is the responsible, transparent and reputable business that people in it would want us to believe it was.

A link to this article was tweeted by HixenbaughAncientArt‏. It would be interesting to hear what an ACDAEA dealer thinks of it.

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