Monday, 31 July 2017

Five israeli Dealers Allegedly Involved in Tax Dodging

From Daniel Estrin‏:
Yesterday police said they arrested 5 antiquities dealers for alleged tax offenses. Now an Israeli official connects some of the dots.  Israel Antiquities Authority's Eitan Klein tells NPR that the dealers allegedly didn't declare their income in Israel from [...] sales. Police say the dealers allegedly gave fake invoices for sales to an unidentified American who got tax breaks and paid dealers kickbacks. Unclear if this alleged scheme, fake invoices for tax breaks, is connected to the Hobby Lobby.
Unlikely, isn't it? I mean the good Christian men of Hobby Lobby would not be paying kickbacks for fake invoices for tax dodging, would they? Would they? Anyway, the offical story is that there were three Israeli dealers. Is it not the case that the buyer would be a candidate for a tax refund in the US if they donated the objects they bought to a museum? Which Museum got objects imported with false invoices, I wonder? Any ideas?

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