Friday, 7 July 2017

More Misleading information from Dealers' Lobbyist

He's not going to post this comment from me  on his Lugepresse, yellow journalism, false news blog on what tagalong collectors 'should' write for the dealers to the CPAC, so I'll repost it here:
This is for dullards, coin collectors and metal detectorists who cannot work it our for themselves: Why not disseminate it you your readers Mr Tompa? Or are you scared they will see through your intellectually DISHONEST little game? 
           What info is useful to 's review of Libya's request?
Anything relevant to CPIA's 4 determinations (PDF)
The reader has a choice of reading a paid lobbyist's 'misinformastion for money' blog, or come here for the real facts...

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