Thursday, 6 July 2017

Some Comments on Hobby-Lobby Looty-Booty

Donna Yates, 'Some thoughts on the Hobby Lobby antiquities case' Anonymous Swiss Collector Posted on 6 July 2017
The antiquities trade runs on layers of “plausible deniability”: not asking too many questions, leaving things implied but not said, opaque business practices, lack of regulation.
Also of value are the incisive comments of Cultural property lawyer Rick St Hilaire on the US Attorney complaint and settlement. From this we learn that
Hobby Lobby is represented by litigator Barry Berke of the New York firm of Kramer Levin and cultural property lawyer Michael McCullough of Pearlstein, McCullough & Lederman in New York.
So it is odd that there is no comment from the American Committee for Cultural Property blog. There has as yet been no response from the so-called 'Cultural Property Observer', Peter Tompa, who's pretending he's not seen it. Or perhaps he's miffed that Hobby Lobby did not retain him to represent them.

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