Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Hungary Buys Second Half of the Sevso treasure

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban said Wednesday that the country 's government has bought the remaining seven objects of a Roman-era silver treasure believed to have been found near Lake Balaton in the mid-1970s and then smuggled out of Hungary in the 1980s (AP 'Hungary Buys 2nd Half of Roman-Era Silver Treasure'. July 12, 2017). The hoard consisted of  14 silver trays, bowls and jugs some of which were contained in a copper cauldron and date from the 4th century. Hungary purchased the first seven objects in 2014 for 15 million euros (then $20.7 million) and paid another 28 million euros ($31.9 million) for the current batch to undisclosed sellers. 

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