Friday, 21 July 2017

Paying Guest Pricey Pockets a bit of Your Past

While I wait in anticipatory trepidation to see what the legal team of Nigel Jones come up with in the way of a response to fair use discussion of the activities of one of the new commercial artefact hunting units in the UK, here's a testimonial from one of the members what a joy good thing it is to go hoiking with them, ripping out bits of the country's heritage to pocket it:
Dave Pricey zrecenzował: The Metal Detectorist5 gwiazdek 22 kwietnia ·
This is a great group with sum off the best land I have seen great atmosphere with in the club and sum great finds I will be atending as meany digs as possible my I add with the idear off tea and coffee to all on the digs is a great idear keep up the good work and credit where credit is due cracking club be silly to miss out [emoticon]
They used to have schools in Britain, before Brexit. How many of Mr Pricey's 'great finds' will be recordable items which see the light of day in the PAS database?

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