Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Road to Hell

Hans Memling the Last
Judgement (detail)
I have absolutely no illusions that on the Lügenpresse Cultural Property Observer lobbyist's blog that the following comment will be published under the post where propagandist and rabble-rouser Tompa tells collectors 'what to write' to the CPAC as part of the public consultation process of the Libyan MOU, so I'll publish it myself. The first bit is a quote from him:
"What should you say?  Provide a brief, polite explanation about why the request should be denied or limited.  Indicate to CPAC how restrictions will negatively impact your business and/or the cultural understanding and people to people contacts collecting provides".  

Mr Tompa, why not tell your readers what the CCPIA itself says the public comments should address? If you do not know what they are (shame on you), there is a very informative 2010 fact sheet to help:

"Four determinations must be made: (1) that the cultural patrimony of the requesting nation is in jeopardy from the pillage of archaeological materials; (2) that the requesting nation has taken measures to protect its cultural patrimony; (3) that U.S. import restrictions, either alone or in concert with actions taken by other market nations, would be of substantial benefit in deterring the serious situation of pillage, and (4) import restrictions would promote the interchange of cultural property among nations for scientific, cultural, and educational purposes.

Why would you NOT point coin collectors to it?
The latter is, of course, a rhetorical question, we all know what the paid mouthpiece of the international dugup coin dealers associattions wishes to mislead collectors. We all know, Mr Tompa. There is a particularly nasty place in Hell waiting for people like you. I trust you will have less trouble finding it than you do with finding meaning in the wording of the CCPIA.

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