Thursday, 6 July 2017

Representing the No-Questions-Asked Trade

Representing a hobby, Tompa, Howland,
IAPN, PNG, who wants to talk to them
 and about what?
PAS-partner UK Collector  and Relic Hunter John Howland wishes to demonstrate to his US counterparts he can compete on equal terms in inane lines of argument. In particular this concerns their opposition to organizations campaigning against the trade in illicitly-obtained artefacts. On 4th July, congratulating the Americans on dealing 'rather well' 'with the authoritarian (sic) notion of 'No Taxation without representation'...', Howland suggest that the coin collecting rabble's 'rallying cry ought to be; 'No Antiquities Coalition humbug without representation'...'.

Yet it apparently escapes the ex-bus-driver's attention that the recent discussion of the illicit trade and where the objects involved came from and through whose hands actually took place in the House of Representatives. The only reason nobody from the antiquities trade was invited is that we are all aware that not a single one of them can produce any firm evidence (because the trade 'conveniently loses' it) where the vast bulk of the objects involved in their no-questions-asked business came from and through whose hands they passed. Not a single one will be able to demonstrate the truth of their glib claim that 'all this stuff wot I got, it's from old collections, innit?' Is it? Let your representatives show us.


John H said...

Come along Paul, bite the bullet...publish my comment. Are you really so weak and so afraid of a mere bus driver? I hope not.

You are, in your own mind (at least), a legend in your own lunchtime. See counselling!

Best regards

John Howland
Former bus driver, now Collector, Relic Hunter & Treasure Hunter

Paul Barford said...

Published it, now what do you have to say?

Paul Barford said...

The Antiquities Coalition ( , what has a Seaside town bus-driver got to say about these fine people?

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