Wednesday 26 February 2020

Bellingham Detecting Con

In September 2018, we were assured by the PAS after the horrible pictures of irresponsible hoard hoiking by metal detectorists that everything is OK at Bellingham ... so ... I am a trifle puzzled why, two years on, there are only six finds in the PAS database, seal matrix, a finger ring, a thimble, a buckle, a key, and a "Roman mount", three of them were found in 2013. But the two coins handed in during the dig are not there, let alone the rest of the hoard that the FLOs assured us they had secured. What is going on? Andy Agate, can you tell us?

There was a rally there, 200 detectorists. And just three finds actually handed in - but only put in the database in 2019. What kind of "responsible detecting" is that?

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