Monday 17 February 2020

"The Oxford Collection Partnership"

"The Oxford Collection Partnership"
Jerome Berman, appearing before United States District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper in Los Angeles, entered his guilty plea to one count of subscribing to a false income tax return and to one count of aiding and abetting in the preparation of a false tax return. Berman’s scheme fraudulently claimed increased income tax deductions for charitable contributions on his own individual tax returns as well as aiding others in claiming fraudulently increased charitable contribution deductions on their own tax returns for having made art donations to the California Museum of Ancient Art. The plea agreement, filed in January, 2007, sets forth that Berman was a 50% partner in the Oxford Collection Partnership and was the Executive Director of the California Museum of Ancient Art.
Who was/were the other partner in this shadowy entity? Is it still functioning? Where is it based?


Tony said...

This gives some answers I think

Paul Barford said...

Sorry, I cannot see that it does...

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