Wednesday 26 February 2020

The Bellingham Detecting Con

We have been informed that after a recent event employing heavy machinery, seriously undisciplined hoiking and idiots, (PACHI Wednesday, 26 September 2018: 'Bellingham, PAS: "Don't worry, it's all in hand". Really?', it is interesting to see this on Andy Fudge's dodgy diggers' Facebook page

"The organisers realise that things could have been...better planned, and have learned a lot from this process. Appropriate advice, and guidance has been given, and despite the best efforts of some individuals, there's a good relationship between the PAS and the organisers".
Jolly good. So on July 24th-6th we can expect to see on the internet some videos showing model examples of PAS-approved and PAS-aided 'citizen archaeology' North of the Tyne. We look forward to seeing what PAS can achieve with their "good relationship". We will be watching closely.

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